About my blog

Hi, I’m Will, welcome to my blog! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you should be writing 😜. But go ahead and congratulate yourself, because you’ve chosen an excellent way to procrastinate. In fact, I should be writing right now too (well actually I am writing right now, but not the right writing… ya’know?), so let’s procrastinate together! I think that’ll be my motto, Let’s procrastinate together!, because (A) everything is better with friends 😄, and (B) it’s a scientific fact that 95% of my blog posts will be written when I should be working on something else.

So, who am I? Well, you can read the LinkedIn-style bio on my home page, but here’s the real story. I’m a lowly technician who is incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do independent research on (mostly) whatever I want for the last 6 years. I started working in the Cosgrove lab at Penn State in high school, became independent in my research during my undergrad, and have continued (with some stricter guidelines now 😑) after graduating. This was possible thanks to a combination of privilege, nepotism, and a mother who is a social virus (that’s meant as a compliment–I love viruses). I love computers, the R programming language, microbes (especially algae, slime molds, or whatever bizarre bug I’ve recently learned about), books, cooking (read: eating), and dogs. Some have slandered me as a cat hater, but really I’m just indifferent towards cats. I mean, when I come home my dogs are looking out the window and run and tackle me and start licking me when I walk in the door, meanwhile the cat is just sitting on the stairs giving me that judgey stare. And when you’re a terrible person and you can’t get home to let your dogs out and they have an accident, you find their poop on the floor and they put their tail between their legs and lay their ears back and make that puppy dog face like, “I’m so sorry hooman, please forgive me”, and then your cat (who has their own bathroom in the house!) goes and poops on the floor just to spite you for feeding them 30 minutes late and then sits there with the most smugly pleased look on their face like “Yes that’s right, clean my poop inferior human”, I mean seriously who likes cats!?!?… ok so maybe I’m a bit of a cat hater, if that’s a dealbreaker, then I’m sorry.

This is Maddie, she’s the goodest doggo in the world, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

What will you find on this blog? Well, the above jabber is a pretty good indicator. I will probably post many non-sensical typo-filled ramblings about things I find funny, or my latest failure, or a good book I just read. However, I also hope to post more helpful content like useful things I’ve learned about R/bioinformatics. I will often share my thoughts on academia and being LGBT in STEM. Most of my content is aimed at people in academia or STEM, but I also hope to give non-scientists a window into how real science works: the daily tedium and struggles that scientists experience en route to the (oft sensationalized) findings you see in the press.

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