Saturday Success

Saturday Success #2: Workaround

This week I’ve been ploughing through final figure revisions for a big paper that’s been a couple years in the making 👏👏👏. Everything was going (relatively) smooth until I got to a tree I was trying to plot with associated barcharts. The idea was to summarize some data on major clades in this tree by putting barcharts of summary statistics aligned with each major clade to the side of the tree.

Saturday Success #1: Saving the Planet

Well, as promised to follow up my Friday Fails post, here’s a Saturday Success. I had a few science successes this week, like collecting some decent AFM images, learning purrr, or posting on this blog and tweeting (two of my outreach-related goals). But what I’m most proud of, is my recent decision to try reducing my plastic use and the waste I generate. It gives me so much anxiety and makes me feel very helpless and sad to think about the future of our planet.