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Can one Earthquake Trigger Another on the Other Side of the Earth?
research / data collection / design / writing / code
A data story on remotely triggered earthquakes created for the #VizRisk challenge. This piece explores the history, science, and current research on a mechanism by which large earthquakes can trigger others on the other side of the world.
Best write-up, VizRisk Challenge
Shortlist, Information is Beautiful Awards
12 Months of aRt
design / writing / code
A year-long project where I create a new series of generative artwork each month coded entirely in R. Each project is accompanied by an explanatory blog post that walks through my inspiration, process, and technical details. All code is also shared publicly on my GitHub. The goal of the project is to challenge myself creatively and technically, to engage the #rstats community in creative coding, and to provide resources for beginners to generative art.
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